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How to Use the Guest Books for Funerals

Guest Books for Funerals- Your Appreciation For the Deceased

We’ve all been there standing in a line of a funeral home to enter not knowing how to proceed. You may have been close with the deceased, but does the family know you? Here is some information to help you know what kind of information to have in your book.

These days these books are necessary funeral stationery, but they can be challenging to fill out and use. 

These books can be purchased in-store or online and will contain funeral words that are both sentimental as well as provide those visiting the funeral with a space to write their thoughts about the person who has passed.

Why the book is there?

The purpose of a funeral book is largely for the family of the deceased to be able to know who was at the funeral. This memorial book is also a way for you, as an attendee, to show your gratitude without words.

The day of a funeral can be both a busy and a difficult day for the family of the deceased and they may not always recognize everyone who attended the funeral. By having this record of who was in attendance, funeral home staff and family members can know who to thank for their kind words of support. 


As future generations look back at funeral books, they are able to know who was there and the kind of person that loved their family member.

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Funeral Guest Book

How To Use Guest Books for Funerals?

The goal is to offer funeral attendees a space to communicate their condolences. In addition, funeral guests can use guest books to share memories of the deceased so they are not forgotten over time.

These funeral guest books are a sentimental way to thank funeral attendees for their support, and they offer the opportunity for others to express their thoughts about the deceased.

The book is often placed on an easel near or at the front of the room where funeral services take place so that visitors can sign it as soon as they arrive.

A guest book can be left open at the funeral services or can close when it’s time to say goodbye

You can also use the guest book as an opportunity to share your condolences and memories with family members of the deceased in private after funeral services are over.

1. Simply put your name.

A traditional guest book will ask for your name and not have much room to put anything else.

If you were a close friend or family member that may simply be enough. You do not need to feel stressed to write a lengthy message to the funeral home staff or family. Unless the family is asking for a lengthy message to be written just having your name is usually enough.

You don’t need to write a long message in the funeral book for the funeral home staff or funeral family. A simple acknowledgment of their loss is usually more than enough. You do not need to feel stressed about what to write or what words should be said at this funeral.1

2. Describe what your association to the deceased is.

One thing that a family might think about when buying a guest book is if they are familiar with most of the people that will be in attendance.

If you were not close with the family, it may be wise to put your name and how you knew the deceased. For example – “Joe Smith – High School Friend” or “Bob Jones – Coworker @ IBM” keeping the message concise will be both respectful and simple.

Many family histories have been written over the years where information this book has been an invaluable source of information about the kinds of association someone had and by simply adding a little bit to your name you can help with future research.

3. Add a message such as “We miss you!”

Even if families know everyone who will be in attendance they will want to have a book that allows some extra space for them to write a message.

It is important to remember that this book has been made primarily with you in mind, not just filling out information to put in a guest book for funeral home staff.

You can sign the funeral book with a heartfelt message like “We miss you!” or “Rest in Peace” to help mourners remember that this person has not been forgotten.

A guest book is an essential part of funeral services and it is important for those attending funerals to understand what they are used for. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to write anything. Don’t worry here you can find inspiration about what to write in the funeral book.  

If funeral guests do not know what to write in a funeral book, it is acceptable for them to just write their names. It is important that guest books for funerals are used as an opportunity for those attending funerals to express how they feel without words when coming face-to-face with loss.

4. Make it legible and neat so the family can easily read it.

Guest books for funerals are a convenient way for people to share their condolences with funeral homes, funeral home staff, and funeral family members. It is important for funeral guests to make sure that their words are legible and neat so funeral staff can easily read it.

If your signature is hard to read funeral home staff or family may need to take time out of their day to decipher what you wrote. Consider signing your name and printing a more legible version if you are unsure about your signature.

The funeral book is an essential component in any funeral service, but if its full of illegible names it is not fulfilling its purpose.

Guest books helps to make writing thank you cards easier

Guest books offer funeral attendees a space to communicate their condolences. In addition, funeral guests can use guest books to share memories of the deceased so they are not forgotten over time. But they also give the surviving family a record of who was at the funeral. Sometimes the families like to send out thank you cards for funeral attendees and having a list of names is a great way to know who to send them to.

Make sure you have the right kind of guest book

Funeral Books And Beyond provides funeral guests with guest books for funerals that are fully customizable and will be a lasting tribute to the deceased.

Our funeral guest book includes blank pages for any messages you may want to write in them, spaces for funeral home staff or family’s contact information so they can easily find who wrote something, and a message to the family.

The guest book is an essential component of any funeral service because it helps families express their feelings without words in front of mourners.

Funeral Books And Beyond offers options that will last for years after someone’s death, not just until memorial services are over.

However you decide to use funeral guest books, they are essential component of any funeral service because it helps families express their feelings without words in front of mourners.

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