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Funeral Guest Books

Funeral Guest Book is a folded pamphlet. Guest Books For Funeral usually include the order of service, which are the details of what will take place during the funeral or memorial service. 


Memorial Service Programs

Funeral Card is the first thing many funeral guests will see. Whether it’s sent out as an invitation or at the funeral itself, the funeral card should celebrate your loved one’s life.


Thank You Cards

Funeral Thank You Cards help you to show your gratitude for the sympathy and support you have received from mourners who attended the funeral service of your loved one. They are usually sent within two to three weeks of a funeral or memorial service. 

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Who Do I Need To Notify?

Who Do I Need to Notify and When?

When death occurs, the family is usually in the midst of an emotional crisis. The Funeral Director may act as an advisor on many of the immediate problems; he or she has the knowledge and experience to relieve a family of needless worry and care.

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Funeral Guest Books & Thank You Cards

What Is Guest Book For Funeral

The guest book for the funeral is a guestbook to allow people attending the funeral to sign in. It helps to let the family of the deceased know that they attended the funeral.

It’s an important keepsake for the family. It contains records of all those who stopped by to pay their respect. It also serves the purpose of letting people express the fact that the deceased touched and influenced their lives.

Guest books for a funeral are one of the more normal things you will generally see at a funeral service. While it is normal, people sometimes seem confused about if they should provide a memorial service guestbook at the funeral.

It is one of the most common questions we get here at “Funeral Books and Beyond” from our customers.

It’s up to the family of the deceased to provide guest books for a funeral at service. It might also depend on the location of the funeral and the number of people expected to attend the funeral.

Keep in mind that the funeral guest book is for friends and family members to help look back at the funeral or wake to see who attended.

This is an encouraging thing that will help them to look back on the day affectionately which is generally an excruciating day.

Funeral Guest Book
Guest Book For Funeral

Things to consider for Guest Books For Funeral

Consider a creative guestbook for a funeral that relates to the personality of the deceased person

It depends on the personality of a perished individual and their family. You can choose a specific style and design of the guest book that represents their identity.

For example, there are several designs at Funeral Books and Beyond for military veterans as well as patriotic folks.
Not only those but there are hundreds of designs you can choose from. These are designed by our experienced designers. Keeping in mind the needs of different families. Check out our whole collection at You will find the most beautiful and creative designs in our online shop.

Assist the visitors to sign it

There will be many friends or family members at the funeral asking if they can help in any way. You can assign them to oversee the funeral guest book to remind funeral attendees to sign it and assist them for the same.

Make it available in several locations
Not all funeral attendees will come to everything. Many visitors will miss out on a chance to sign the guest books for funeral initially when they are at the funeral home.

So it’s a good idea to make the sign-in book for funeral available at several locations. Such as a wake, the funeral service, the visitation. Or wherever else friends, family members might gather for recognition of their lost cherished one.

Think about offering remembrance cards

Instead of simply offering a line in a guestbook for funeral attendees to sign in. Consider utilizing remembrance cards.
It will permit guests to compose a decent note about their recollections of the expired person.

Request that they offer up a quick story, or a quote that they discovered inspiring, identified with the lost cherished one.

Consider providing an online guest book for funeral

Not everyone will be able to attend the funeral service since friends and family members are spread all over the country these days. Even in foreign countries in some cases. But they certainly would still like to express their feelings and let the grieving family know that they care about the deceased person.

It might be very difficult for them to leave immediately to the weekend funeral from hundreds of miles away. Thus, you can set up an online funeral guest book and let them know. You can share an online guest book link via email.

If you are not sure what to write in a funeral guest book check out our detailed article which will guide you through step by step about writing a funeral guest book. 

Funeral Guest Book