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Where To Buy Funeral Guest Book?

It can be hard to see the positives in a funeral; the grief of losing someone can overshadow you in ways you never expect until the day comes. But with funerals come friends and family and those who loved the departed as much as you do. Remembering the people whose lives were also touched by the deceased can be an integral part of the healing process.

A beautiful way to celebrate the people who attended the funeral (and, in turn, celebrate the life of the one you have lost) is with a Funeral Guest Book. Having this physical item present at the funeral allows not only your connection with the attendees but their connection with each other and your dearly departed. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for where to buy funeral guest book.

Funeral Guest Book - An Enduring Memory

A guest book funeral is typically a hard-bound book. Most funerals feature one; folks come in, look around (typically a guest book is placed at the entryway of the viewing room), see a book with a pen next to it, and write their names. Some may quickly write how they knew the deceased; others will jot a quick signature and a message to their beloved.

According to Funeral Books and Beyond, a funeral guest book is a record of those who attended in its simplest form. But for the spouse or parent of the deceased, this record holds so much more value.

In modern times, the implementation of electronic guest lists has become somewhat prevalent. But with that, you lose the sensation and weight of a book in your hands. In this way, the process of collecting the names of the attendees becomes clinical and cold.

When the chairs are collected and everyone heads to a place to share a meal or drives back home, the family member in charge of the funeral will still hold onto this book and know that their beloved was honored and dignified with the attendance of so many loved ones. And in the quiet of their home, this family member can brush a hand over their deceased’s name in embossed letters, turn a page and begin to explore the lives of those who spent that evening together in remembrance.

Where To Buy Funeral Guest Book

What makes a Funeral Guest Book Unique?

A guest book is very personal and should be as unique as the deceased person was. There are a number of things one can include in their memorial guest books, such as:

  • A cover that reflects the personality of the deceased person, whether it is an image or their favorite color.
  • An inscription inside with a quote from someone who has been greatly influenced by the passed-away person.
  • Space for as many signatures as possible to make each signature personal and meaningful to those grieving.
  • Space to include a message or memory from the loved one’s family members.
  • An area where guests can share their favorite memories of the deceased person and what they meant to them, such as through poetry.

1. Insert styles that suit everyone’s taste.

Choosing a funeral guest book is about finding one that is perfect, one that reflects the deceased’s personality.

In our catalog, you will find a wide array of inserts and designs, including:

  • Ivory/Burgundy ink insert has a traditional format printed in burgundy ink on ivory paper.
  • White/Blue ink insert has a classic look with a more modern script font.
  • White/Charcoal ink insert has a contemporary look with a serif “all caps” font.
  • White/Patriotic insert includes the pages from our White/Charcoal ink insert, plus military and service-related pages in full color.

To inspire and comfort family members, we include a variety of poems, song lyrics, scriptures, and quotations in our inserts.

Insert pages can be easily rearranged or removed, to accommodate specific types of services. Standard insert pages include Services, Liturgy of Christian Burial, Vigil Rites, Final Resting Place, Biography, Relatives, and Friends (signature pages), Flowers of Remembrance, Remembrances, Press Notes, and Memos.

2. Quality & Manually Hand Crafted Funeral Guest Books

Funeral Guest Book is the one item that you will keep for years and generations to come. Designed with high-quality materials, our products are built to last generations. 

Our products evoke a unique emotional response in our customers because they are manually handcrafted according to their needs. 

You can be sure that our designers understand what an important keepsake is to your family, and they know how much you will cherish this memorial book in the years to come.

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3. Price

Planning for a funeral doesn’t need to be hard, and purchasing the right guest book takes absolutely no time with the easy-to-navigate Funeral Books and Beyond website. The prices are fair, with hardbound volumes starting at only $34.95 with free ground shipping, and the option of one day or two day shipping is also available at an additional charge. There are 38 different varieties, each one attractive and mature; the sort of guest book your loved one deserves.

Helpful Tips for Buying Guest Book Funeral

One of the more demanding aspects of planning a funeral is selecting and purchasing your stationery, such as your thank you cards, programs, and guest book. You don’t want to have conflicting tones between your programs and your cards or vice versa, and you want to honor the memory of your beloved.

Your options can feel limited, and your finances may be limited too. Typically this process is rather tough. You feel an urgency to jump to it, without using your head to make any clear decisions and the last thing you want to do is regret your choices in your loved ones’ funeral.

So calm down, and relax. Time is with you and you are allowed to make a level-headed choice. Look over your options before making any purchases, maybe gauge your ideas with another family member or friend if you feel this process wouldn’t stress you out.

We have compiled a list of a few helpful tips when it comes to buying your guest book so you don’t feel overwhelmed and can rest happy that you made the right choice.

1. Slow Down

We mentioned this a little above, but taking your time is key. You may feel you aren’t allowed much wiggle room for time, but you are. It is likely you have time off of work for bereavement, as most job places offer three days or more paid bereavement. Let your mind clear; your emotions are likely at an all-time high, and for good reason.

Taking your time can be absolutely crucial, not only for you to get a quality product (though of course, this is very important) but for you to not make a poor financial decision. Plenty of companies look to capitalize off of your grief and overcharge for guest books when that simply isn’t necessary. Funeral Books and More offers reasonably priced, and widely varied guest books which you can take your time and look over.

2. Ask for Advice

Asking for advice during this process can be very helpful, though where that advice comes from can be varied.

For instance, you could talk with someone else who was close to the departed. Gauge what you think would best fit their personality and, frankly, not offend anyone in attendance. Though it is unlikely anyone would express distaste in a funeral setting, creating an easy atmosphere will make for a memorable shared experience.

You could also talk with someone, maybe not related to the departed, who has had to arrange a funeral themselves. They will likely know your best options when choosing a guest book or, if anything, they can look over the catalogue of available books and give input on what sort of volume you might consider purchasing.

Lastly, you could speak with a customer care representative with Funeral Books and Beyond. They would be glad to assist you in picking out and ordering a book that best suites your funeral. They have expertise in all of the available products and can talk through your options patiently and with consideration for your emotions.

3. Consider Your Space

If you haven’t been to the funeral home yet, consider taking an hour or so to go and see the space. Observe the entryway and whether they have a tall table or podium for you to place a book. This will best assist you in deciding what size book is best for the occasion. On top of that, noting the decor of the funeral home can give you the best picture of what sort of design or inner layout the guest book might have.

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