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What To Write In Funeral Thank You Card?

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As you’re preparing for a funeral for a loved one, it can be difficult to know what needs to be done, including the ideas for funeral thank you card. Maybe you’ve been given guidance on their wishes, or maybe you’re trying to give them what you think they would have wanted. You’re trying your best while processing your own emotions, and supporting other family and loved ones through their own journey of grief. 

A reputable funeral home will provide guidance on the transportation and logistics for your loved one, the options for a viewing or reception and the bigger decisions related to a funeral itself. What about the other things like cards, programs and the little details and etiquette around funerals? 

No one mentions how to handle the receipt of flowers, food, memorial donations and outpouring of support or what details you need to be prepared for. The support that flows in after a loss should always be acknowledged with a written thank you note. These are people that cared enough about your loved one, or enough about you, to offer some relief, kind words, or a warm meal during this trying time. It’s likely they’re also processing their own feelings of grief, and missing the person you are all honoring and missing. 

Thanking them for their support and thoughtfulness during this time is meaningful for them, and also an opportunity for you to reflect, heal, and remember the support system that surrounds you as you journey through this difficult time.



Funeral Thank You Card
Funeral thank you card
Eternal Light
Eternal light funeral card

The Importance of a Funeral Thank You Card

Acknowledging the support you receive during a period of grief is not only important to those who offered support and help to you, and those closest to the one lost, but also for your own healing. Thank you cards may seem like an inconsequential detail, but they are healing in a multitude of ways. 

As you work through the outpouring of support, putting pen to paper will remind you of how loved you and your lost loved one are. Many find this part of the process to be cathartic. It’s a ray of light during a dark time to be reminded of all of the love that showed up in the form of food, flowers, cards, calls, and other acknowledgements. In the quiet after the funeral, looking through the funeral guest book and the cards that were sent or accompanied food or flowers and writing out your appreciation for those who gave their support is an opportunity to work toward healing. 

Your support system also wants to know their thoughts, condolences, support and presence at the funeral or memorial service meant something. A thank you card will let them know you’re healing and appreciative of the support they’ve provided. It’s a relief to know that in a dark time, you’ve done something to help people you care about get through that period. A thank you card is a small way to return the support they’ve provided and helps strengthen the bonds of the community rallying around you. 

Keeping a list of people who have sent food, keeping the cards from any flowers or donations and using memorial books can help you keep track of who you need to send a thank you note to. It’s also nice to look back on these things and see the outpouring of love and support for the you and your lost loved one.


What Should You Write in a Funeral Thank You Card?

To make things as simple for you and your other family members, it’s helpful to have funeral thank you card options on hand as quickly as possible so you can send thank you notes as support pours in. 

The acknowledgment of the support received is the most important part of the thank you process and a well-designed funeral thank you card will make that easy. The note inside can be short, or fill up the card, whatever is helping you as you acknowledge each person and thank them for their love and kindness during a difficult time. If someone continues to show support, a separate card can be sent for each occurrence. 

If you’ve fallen behind on thank you notes, you can acknowledge the many ways they’ve helped in the same thank you.

Farm Harvest
Farm harvest funeral thank you card

When it comes to having stationary ready, pick a design that brings you a ray of joy and reminds you of your loved one so that every time you sit down to send write out thank you notes, you’re reminded of them in a special way. You may be inspired by a picture of a majestic cardinal or a patriotic eagle that reminds you of your loved one’s dedication to our country. A simple white card with “Thank You,” or hands held in prayer are lovely options if those are more in keeping with your loved one’s style. 

Whether you wish to impart your loved one’s essence through a religious scene, or pictures of nature, picking something that speaks to you on their behalf will bring you comfort and hopefully a small smile every time you sit down to thank those who have shown their support. The message you write can be lengthy and deeply personal, can share an anecdote or memory, or simply include a brief line on the support they have shown you during this time. If someone has done something specific like lent a car, brought food, or helped coordinate logistics like being responsible for the memorial service guest book or transporting flowers received, it’s nice to acknowledge that specific help directly. 

Here are some options of things to say to help complete funeral thank you cards, they can be combined for a longer note: 

  • Thank you for your support during this time.
  • Your help with _______’s memorial service was greatly appreciated.
  • During this emotional time, it has meant everything to have the support of people like you. Thank you for all you’ve done.
  • Your presence at the funeral was a silver lining to a difficult day. Thank you for the continued support and for sharing your memories of ______ with us.
  • Your support while we/I process the passing of ______ means so much. Thank you.
  • It meant so much to see you at _______’s funeral. Thank you for joining us as we said goodbye and celebrated a life well-lived.
  • Your thoughtful card brought a ray of sunshine to us during a sad time. We appreciate your support and love.


Whatever you decide to include in your note inside your thank you card, know that your card will be received with relief and will help the recipient know their assistance and support meant something to you during a difficult time. You are giving them a small gift in return by acknowledging their thoughtfulness and support.

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