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About Funeral Books and Beyond

Products that Uniquely represent your loved one's personality

Funeral Books and Beyond is a Family-Resource dedicated to assisting those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one and those who require greater choices of funeral products, including funeral stationery, than traditionally provided by funeral service providers.

The number one question we receive from friends and family when a death is imminent, or has just occurred, is “What am I supposed to do?” Several articles have been written and we hope to provide you practical, concise information to help during this emotional time.

As our views about death care continue to change in America, Funeral Books and Beyond will be there to support you. We will continually search for unique, high quality products that not only provide meaning and significance to the life of your loved one, but comfort to you and your family.


Hand Crafted for Each Order

Our hand crafted Funeral Books and Thank You Cards have all been designed and made exclusively in America.


Inside Memorial Book

Products to be Cherished

At Funeral Books and Beyond, the products you order are made by individuals who know the importance of providing a high quality product that will be cherished for years to come.

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