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Celebration of Life Packet Funeral Guest Book


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Celebration of Life packet funeral guest book printed in charcoal gray ink on crisp white paper. Pages include Photo page, Family Tree, Personal History, Life Highlights, Interests and Activities, Career, Family Stories, Shared Memories, and a blank back page.

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Celebration of Life Packet Funeral Guest Book

Durable, Rugged, and Topmost Quality.

The full-color image on a richly textured cover. Inside pages are printed in black ink on crisp, white paper. A Funeral Guest Book is an important part of any Celebration of Life, Memorial, or Funeral Service. It is the one item that you will have available to reference for years and generations to come.

We have designed our products with topmost quality material so they will last for generations. 

Quotations, prayers, and poems offer reflections of your loved one’s life. Insert pages can be easily rearranged or removed, to accommodate specific types of services. 

Standard insert pages include Services, Liturgy of Christian Burial, Vigil Rites, Final Resting Place, Biography, Relatives, and Friends (signature pages), Flowers of Remembrance, Remembrances, Press Notes, and Memos.

The perfect size (11.5″ x 8.3″) funeral guest book lays flat for easy signing when opened and there is plenty of room for guests, memories, and a photo pocket (4″x6″).

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We provide free ground shipping with minimum purchase (within the continental USA). Check out our delivery options for more details. Along with free ground shipping if you are in a hurry you also have the option of one-day delivery or two-day delivery.

Manually Hand Crafted Funeral Guest Books

The reason our products strike a special emotional chord with our customers in every product is manually handcrafted according to our customers’ needs. Our products are not mass-produced overseas and carefully made by our experienced designers and are made exclusively in America. 

Our designers understand what an important keepsake is for your family and they know that these funeral guest books will be cherished for years to come.

Products that Uniquely represent your loved one’s personality

At Funeral Books and Beyond we are dedicated to carefully craft the products that represent your loved one’s unique personality. Our core mission is to fully assist our customers when they are experiencing the loss of their loved ones. Find out What is Funeral Guest Book in great details that will answer all your questions regarding funeral guest books.

The individuals who require greater choices of funeral products, including funeral stationery, will surely find great products at Funeral Books and Beyond. 

So many insert styles to suit everyone’s taste.

At Funeral Books and Beyond you have a variety of choices for insert styles such as Ivory/Burgundy ink insert for a traditional format printed in burgundy ink on ivory paper.

For a more classic format with the modern script, there is a White/Blue ink insert printed in blue ink on white paper.

If you prefer more of a contemporary look there is White/Charcoal ink insert printed with a serif “all caps” font in blue ink on white paper.

And lastly, there is a White/Patriotic ink insert for our patriotic folks. This ink insert includes the pages from our White/Charcoal ink insert, plus military and service-related pages in full color.

We include a variety of poems, song lyrics, scripture, and quotations in our inserts to inspire and comfort family members when they are experiencing the loss of a loved one.

Our inserts include the following pages:

Check out how to fill out and use the funeral guest book

In Memory Of page: Name, Born, Entered Into Rest, Age, Interment.

Family Record page.

Services page: The location, date and hour of the service, Officiating, Music, Selection, Rendered By.

Liturgy of Christian Burial page: Officiating, Music, Interment prayers by, Bearers.

Vigil Rites Page, Biography Page.

Bearers Page: Orders Attending

Spiritual Bouquets page, Memorial Bequests, Flowers of Remembrance.

What God Hath Promised:  poem, Relatives and Friends pages, Press Notes and Memos

Our Patriotic insert and celebration of life inserts include different pages in full color. Check out our detailed explanation of how to fill out and use a funeral guest book for detailed information about what specific pages each insert includes.





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